AtomicOS for Redmi 4a

Atomic OS is beautifully crafted AOSP based ROM for AOSP lovers.
Atomic comes packed with all essential features like Substratum theme engine, Fling, Pulse, Battery and Clock customizations etc.
It’s updated regularly to maintain all the necessities.
You can follow our code at


Statusbar Items
> 4g or lte icon toggle
Network traffic
Brightness Control

Navigation bar [DUI]
Button Settings
Volume rocker settings
Power Menu
Power menu visibilty settings

Lockscreen Shortcuts
Double tap to sleep gesture
Media cover art toggle
Clock widget toggle
Date widget toggle
Alarm text toggle

Quick Settings
Recents panel
Heads up
Notifications sound and vibration if screen is on
Smart notifications sound

App ops
Launch music app on headset connection
Screen off power button torch
In call vibration option
Battery light customizations
Screen off animation

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