Bootleggers ROM for Lenovo P2

* ROM Logos
* QS Rows and Colums
* Scroll on small QS
* OmniStyle: Header Images
* Volume Keys: Wake up, skip tracks and switch according to rotation
* Dirty Unicorns Interface (DUI): Fling, Smartbar and Pulse
* Show song album cover, visualizer and battery info on Lockscreen
* Custom Carrier Label
* Power Menu Items
* AOSP Recents: Membar, Clear All and Inmersive Recents.
* Battery LED light settings
* Type of notifications: Heads up and Ticker, pick your poison
* Suspend Actions: Make your device disable GPS and switch to 2G when you’re not using it
* AppOps: Manage your apps permissions in an advanced way

Also if you got some ideas,bug fixes, stability improvements or want to help to support features for your device, you can do it by sending a Pull request on Bootleggers Github (check downloads and sources part) or GZOSP Gerrit (also check the downloads and sources part), will be really appreciated. Together we can do a better ROM.

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