Version: 1.6

Last update of the program in the header:22.07.2013

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Short description:
Download and view selected demotivators from the Internet.

Tired of looking for demotivators on sites? Just want to see and cheer up? Use the “Demotivators”.
We selected only the best demotivators for you. Check it out! 🙂

All demotivators are stored on a remote server. The demotivator database contains more than 4500 images. Replenish every day.

– Download demotivators from the Internet;
– Ability to save your favorite images on a memory card;
– You can share with a friend or acquaintance by sending him a demotivator;

Only in Russian!

List of changes
Removed buttons, the update occurs by clicking on the image. Saving is moved to the menu
Now more than 4500 demotivators!
Fixed crash on tablets
Added the ability to transfer to the SD card.
Fixed crash when flipping the screen
The buttons are returned because of the following versions. It is planned to enlarge the images.
The ability to scale the image is added.
Replaced by an advertising provider. The application runs faster

You can help develop the program. The money will go to pay for hosting. Requisiteshere

Homepage: Http://
Google Play: Https://…ft.demotivators

Russian interface: Да


Version: 1.6Demotivators_1_6.apk ( 414,84 КБ )

previous versions
Version: 1.5Demotivators_1_5.apk ( 253,34 КБ )

Version: 1.3Demotivators_1_3.apk ( 250,93 КБ )

Version: 1.2 Demotivators_1_2.apk ( 247,01 КБ )

Version: 1.1 Demotivators_1_1.apk ( 246,98 КБ )

Version: 1.0 Demotivators_1__0.apk ( 247,14 КБ )

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