Google Expeditions (Expeditions)

Google Expeditions
Version: 1.1.0

Last update of the program in the header:16.12.2016


Short description:
Expeditions is an application that allows you to conduct cognitive virtual tours.

Expeditions is an application that allows you to conduct cognitive virtual tours. You can study the sights of different countries, dive to the bottom of the ocean and even go into space!
The application is intended for use in a small group of researchers (students) under the guidance of a guide (teacher) who can talk about objects and monuments while students view their panoramic and 3D images.

• Conduct expeditions from your phone or tablet for small groups of users with devices connected to the same network.
• Immerse yourself in virtual reality: to do this, insert your Android phone into Google Cardboard (Http:// simply rotate the mobile device sideways, up and down.
• Connect devices to the same Wi-Fi network. Internet connection is not required if the guide downloads the necessary expeditions in advance.
• Choose any expeditions – there are already over 200 of them! Each expedition consists of quality panoramas for viewing in virtual reality with built-in descriptions. The expeditions provide time for discussion and questions.

Starting to work with the application, you agree to the Terms of Service (Https:// Google’s Privacy Policy (Http://…ru/policies/privacy/)As well as additional conditions below. The application is a Google service, and the software policies apply to it.

Do not use the app while driving, walking or in other situations where this could threaten your safety and that of other people.

Android Requires:4.4+
Russian interface: Да

Developer:Google Inc.
Homepage: Https://
Google Play: Https://

Download: Version: 1.1.0
Expeditions_1.1.0.apk ( 15,57 МБ )

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