How to Root Vodafone Smart E8 and USB Drivers Download

Warning Rooting, on one hand, unleashes the true capability of an Android device; on the other hand, involves certain risks. So, as to the question “Root Or Not to Root”, do not rush your move and think before you act.

1.Download KingoRoot PC and  install and launch it on your Windows computer.

2.Download Vodafone USB Driver and  install and launch it on your Windows computer.

3.Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android Phone.

Settings > About Phone > Build number > Tap it 7 times to become developer;

Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging.

4.Connect your device to PC via USB cable.

Allow USB Debugging from your computer.

Pay attention to your device screen. A prompt will appear on devices above Android 4.2 when connecting them to computers. Click “OK” to authorize it, or your device will fail to connect and stay offline. If it is a personal computer of yours, check “Always allow from this computer”.

5.Click “ROOT” to proceed.

As said before, rooting involves risks. Please read the notification carefully and then proceed by clicking “ROOT” button.

6.Wait a few minutes till you get a result.

It will take a few minutes for KingoRoot to run its course. It will try every possible script till it succeed or fail.

Succeed or Fail.

KingoRoot will try to develop the best root software for Android users. However, the reality is that there is no universal exploit that could work for all devices. The only thing we can do is to cover as many as exploits and thereby support more and more devices. If it succeeded, congratulations. If failed, leave a message.


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