LG K550 20b stock kdz + dll for LGUP

Read the text file for instruction to install dll file to LGUP.
1. Add dll file into LGUP
2. Flash 20b ROM with LGUP
Alternate Method: update to 20b using LG Bridge.
3. Reboot using command

adb reboot bootloader

and use the following

fastboot flash recovery

(and drag and drop your recovery file onto command prompt) and press Enter
4. Remove and put the battery back in
5. Press and hold volume down and press power button. When LG shows up and you feel vibration, briefly release power button and press again. You will be prompted to run factory reset. Answer yes twice.
6. You’re in TWRP and flash SuperSU or Magisk
7. Reboot

MD5: 195389229ddaf0f5cca38b85649d1221

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