[FREE] [GAME] [+ 2.0] Man vs Shark

[FREE] [GAME] [+ 2.0] Man vs SharkVersion: 0.9.7Genre:Arcade Last update of the game in the header:29.03.2014 Screenshots Short description:Stay alive as long as possible Description:Stay alive as long as possible. Beat the records, share your results through social networks. Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whayapps.manvsshark&hl=en Russian interface:No System requirements:android 2.0 + Download: Version: 0.9.7

Pirate Bay Pinball

Pirate Bay PinballVersion: 1.9Genre:Arcade Last update of the game in the header:16.09.2014 Screenshots Short description:Pinball Description:Pirate Bay Pinball is a classic arcade (flipper) game, but in pirate style! Collect gold keeping the ball as long as possible on the table! Amazing graphics will take you to the world of sixteenth-century pirates of the Caribbean, where

Draw Slasher

Draw slasherVersion: 1.0.5 Last update of the game in the header:24.01.2012 Description:This game is to survive with a bunch of enemies. Zombies invaded your island and only you are able to protect it from destruction! You can cut off the enemy what you want – arms, legs, head, belly … Do this again and again,

Infinite Monsters

Infinite MonstersVersion: 1.0.3Genre:Arcade Last update of the game in the header:29.11.2012 Description:In a world of ruins full of monsters, all things destroyed because of radiation, you have to wander between them and destroy endless monsters, including stiff corpses, demons, monsters, etc. Entering this game, and can start playing, it easily manages, but the difficulty of

Zombie Virus

Zombie VirusVersion: 1.6Genre:Arcade Last update of the game in the header:9.09.2014 Screenshots Short description:Zombie strategy Description:A madman scientist with a fascination for diseases and plagues can only mean one thing: the zombie apocalypse! With the new zombie virus spreading from North Korea to all corners of the world, the dead are rising from their graves

Furball Rampage

Furball RampageVersion: 1.1.2Genre:Arcade Last update of the game in the header:20.09.2014 Screenshots Short description:Cool platformer Description:Help Joe the Hamster An immense power lays within the limits of Joe that only you can unleash – the power of Furball Rampage! Furball Rampage is an action side-scrolling running game. What does a side-scrolling game have to do

Chronicles of Estrana I

Chronicles of Estrana IVersion: 1.1Genre:Arcade Last update of the game in the header:18.09.2014 Screenshots Short description:Arcade Description:Welcome to Estrana, a vast land of adventures located in the confines of Atlas!Explore its lands, and help Johan and his companions to confront the evil of the threaten the whole world. Learn the rules of the game, control

Cooking Time

Cooking TimeVersion: 1.0Genre:Arcade Last update of the game in the header:27.08.2014 Screenshots Short description:Game on the TV series Breaking Bad!Create your own meter empire. Become the first in this business! Description:Playing the legendary series Breaking Bad.In which you have to build your own empire, to occupy the whole market with your goods, and to become

MelonDash [3D, G-sensor]

MelonDashVersion: 1.1Genre:Arcade Last update of the game in the header:19.09.2014 Screenshots Short description:watermelon Description:Take a watermelon for a spin in this spunky racing game. Speed ​​through three different levels and choose from four colorful melon racers. Use powerups and gear to beat your friend’s best race time. This game features achievements and high scores. Fun

Reindeer Rush [3D]

Reindeer RushVersion: 1.0Genre:Arcade Last update of the game in the header:19.09.2014 Screenshots Short description:Arcade Description:Welcome to Lapland! Help the unlucky deer of Santa Claus to catch up with the team that left without him. After all, without one of the deer Christmas can not happen. The deer are helped by Santa’s elves, leaving on their