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Photo news
Version: 1.1.07

Name in English:News in Photos
Last update of the program in the header:11.07.2013

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Short description:
Surveys of the day in photos, events in Russia and the world. Offline reading of the best photoblogs.

Use case:
If there is a high-speed connection, for example, at home via Wi-fi, perform synchronization. Then on the way to work, see the photos and read the comments.
Synchronization can be configured to automatically download.

★ Simple, easy and optimized interface for both phones and tablets
★ Caching photo reports for offline reading
★ Download images in HD quality, set as wallpaper, save to photo album on phone
★ Automatic translation of the report text into one of 35 languages
★ Auto update and delete the read news
★ Widgets

Supported news portals:
[EN],,, Wall Street Journal

* Widgets will be available only if the program is installed in the main memory of the phone.
* Since large amounts of data are downloaded, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi or 3G connection and periodically delete the read news.
* Long clicking on an item in the list opens the action bar (open in the browser, add to favorites, share a link to the news, delete);
* Reports added to favorites are deleted only manually. Are skipped under the procedural disposal procedure
* Long press on the photo in the preview window opens the picture viewer. Depending on the system / installed viewer you can enlarge the photo, install it on the desktop, send it to a friend, etc.

This program is not an official client, the author has nothing to do with the administration of the sites:,,, and others.
The rights to published materials and photographs belong to their rights holders or authors / sites by their publishers.

Tested on Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy TAB 10.1 (WIFI + 3G), Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.
Express your comments and suggestions on the development and improvement of the program. All comments are analyzed and implemented as far as possible and necessary.

The program has a built-in display of an advertising banner, which can be disabled by entering a promo code or by making a voluntary donation. As always,Active testers can get a promo code from me, It is enough to write a short report about testing here or in PM.

The program collects anonymous usage statistics, is usedFlurry Analytics.

Developer:Alexey Demov
Homepage: Http://
01.10.14 The application is blocked on Google Play,more

Old links to Google Play
Additional Information
Russian interface: Да
The program supports installation on SD (OS 2.2+).
Version of Android:2.1 and higher.

Download: Version: 1.1.07
NewsInPhotos.apk ( 1,81 МБ )

Last changes
[+] Added news source: Photo Journal from ‘Wall Street Journal’
[*] Fixed image zooming, added zoom gestures

[+] Content of photo-reportage in the form of sketches

[+] Memorizes the selected (double-click) version of the photo zoom when viewing slides
[+] Select a directory when saving a photo in a shared store (remembers the last 5)


[+] Detection of a copy of the photo report (by name, similarity of the first photo)
[+] Added news source: (EN)
[+] Localization: español (es), Deutsch (de), français (fr), 한국어 (ko), 日本語 (ja), 中文 (繁體) (zh-TW)
[+] Adjust the font size of the comment

[FC] did not start if there are saved reports from ‘’

[+] Widgets: one news, cards, list
[+] Support sites:,
[+] Save photos to the general media storage (pop-up menu for long press on the photo)
[+] Zoom photo by double click on it
[*] Fixed parsers:,
[*] Fixed auto-update and auto-delete news procedures
[-] Support for is disabled (the portal is not updated from May 2012)

[+] Indicator of the process of downloading news
[+] Slide count indicator in the reportage
[+] Ability to delete selected news
[+] Ability to hide the title of the news when full-screen viewing
[+] Ability to load an entire image without scaling
[*] Corrections of spelling errors in English localization (special thanks to Michael Knopp)

[+] Support for English sites: and
[+] Automatic translation of news texts. It is used by Microsoft Translate. If the text is translated, change the original / translation view by clicking on the text.
[+] Automatic deletion of news after a certain time
[*] Requirements for the minimum version of Android have been lowered to 2.1
[*] Correcting minor bugs and optimizing

[+] The first beta version of the program. The following news portals are supported:, Photo,,

previous versions
Version 1.1.06:NewsInPhotos.apk ( 1,76 МБ )

Version 1.1.04:NewsInPhotos.apk ( 1,73 МБ )

Version 1.1.03:NewsInPhotos.apk ( 1,73 МБ )

Version 1.1.02:NewsInPhotos.apk ( 1,67 МБ )

Version 1.0.02:NewsInPhotos.apk ( 719,77 КБ )

Version 1.0.01:NewsInPhotos.apk ( 702,4 КБ )

Version 1.0.00b:NewsInPhotos.apk ( 636,41 КБ )

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