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Omnirom for Oneplus6 [9.0] Download

FLASHING First Time: First Time: update fastboot and adb ( https://developer.android.com/studio…platform-tools ) download twrp fastboot boot twrp-blabla.img flash rom zip DO NOT FLASH ANYTHONE ELSE AT THIS POINT! reboot to bootloader fastboot boot twrp-blabla.img again flash open gapps nano (ONLY GAPPS NANO ARE CURRENTLY SUPPORTED reboot  

OmniROM 7.1.2 for Huawei P10 Lite

Features of OmniROM: *Pixel style launcher *OmniClose OSS app *OmniSwitch *Brightness control by swiping the status bar *Double tap the status bar to sleep *Show IME notification in the status bar *Show IME notification in the navigation bar *Wake the device with the volume buttons *Long press the volume buttons to switch music tracks *Adjust

OmniROM 8.1 for Xiaomi Mi 6

Whats different betweek OFFICIAL & HOMEMADE (UNOFFICIAL) Builds?: Official build released ONLY once per a week, it contain only stable features. Official build builded on omni server. Also, official build has delta-ota updates. Unofficial build relesed more frequently, it contain experemental features, and some other things that cant be merged into Official build. Some of

OmniROM 8.1 for Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

ChangeLog: ==================== 20/05/2018 ==================== * weekly have now full screen mode support (omnigear->pannels->Enable Scaling and add app to “apps allowed to use scaling”) * added in Device Settings: camera api2 switch, sweep2sleep functions * sync last commits from los/abc and rom sources (see commits on omni github) * fixed mobile data selection bug Whats different