Telegram Ultra

Telegram Ultra

Last update of the program in the header:19.04.2016


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Short description:
Telegrams Ultra-improved, augmented version of Telegram.


Original description:
★★ Due to the irresponsible behavior and awkward policy of the Telegram company, and after they have taken my username @Fahad and given it to someone else without even asking me or notifying me I decided to delete my telegram account and stop the development of Telegram Ultra . And whoever was contacting me through that we should stop! ★★
You can contact me through my twitter account @Fahad_Alduraibi
Telegram Ultra is an enhanced version of Telegram
It has all the awesome features of the official Telegram with extra enhancements listed below:
★ Disable trimming of spaces and newlines in messages to preserve the formatting.
★ Simple markdown (Bold text, Color) and words highlighting.
★ Two options to forward messages (that includes text, video, photo, docs …. etc):
– With original sender’s name (like original app) “Quoted forwarding”.
– Without the original sender’s name (will carry your name only).
★ Fix for many Whatsapp emoji which do not translate correctly to Telegram emoji.
★ Increase message size from 2k to 4k.
★ Show sender’s name on videos, photos and documents.
★ Share documents, photos and videos with other android apps (tab the message to get the menu)
★ Control photo quality.
★ You can use Telegram and Telegram Ultra at the same time, with the same number of different numbers
– In case you have a problem, you want better language support or suggestion please contact us via email or comment in the website:

Telegrams Ultra-improved, augmented version of Telegrams is a free messenger for Android, allowing you to exchange text messages and files.
The Russian language is present.

Public channel of the release and forum member VladFionov’a: @, it will be interesting).

Android Requires:2.2 or higher
Russian interface: Да
A source:…elegramm-ultra-
1Mobile Market:

Telegrams Ultra-improved, augmented version of Telegrams (Telegram).

Download: Version:
org.telegram.ultra_470.apk ( 10,48 МБ )

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