Version: 0.4.12

Last update of the program in the header:19.11.2016

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Short description:
Application for earning in the network.

Toloka- application for earning in the network. With its help you can perform simple tasks and get paid for them. No special knowledge is required for this, only a willingness to analyze the content of web pages. Do assignments at a convenient time and earn money, making the Internet better and cleaner.
What Toloka offers:
Tasks of choice
You can perform those tasks that are better paid or just more you like. For example, someone prefers to compare texts or pictures, and someone – to check the contacts of organizations.
Withdrawal of funds
The money will be credited to your account in Toloka as soon as the assignment is accepted by the customer. The funds can be withdrawn through the Yandex.Money and PayPal payment systems. Users from Ukraine can also use the PrivatBank card.
Personal Area
To see the tasks and the sum on the account it is possible in section “My profile”. Here you will find your Toloka rating and skill level: the higher they are, the more tasks you will be able to get.

Before installing the application, please read the terms of the license agreement:Https://

Android Requires:4.0 or later
Russian interface: Да

Developer:Yandex Services AG
Homepage: Https://
Google Play: Https://
YouTube Videos: Https://

Version: 0.4.2 Beta (4.4+) Yandex.Toloka (Post pokpok # 60106600)
Version: 0.4.12 Yandex.Toloka (Post pokpok # 55250648)

previous versions
Version: 0.4.9 Toloka v0.4.9.apk ( 22,72 МБ )
Toloka v0.4.8.apk ( 24,05 МБ )
Toloka v0.4.7.apk ( 22,69 МБ )
Toloka v0.4.6.apk ( 22,61 МБ )
Toloka v0.4.4.apk ( 22,61 МБ )
Version: 0.4.0
Yandex.Toloka (Post pokpok # 48394693)
Toloka v0.3.3.apk ( 21,78 МБ )
Toloka 0.3.2.apk ( 21,77 МБ )

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